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Glenwood South Bridge Environmental Assessment

The purpose of the South Bridge Project is to provide a critical second access between SH 82 and the western side of the Roaring Fork River in the south Glenwood Springs area. This new route would improve emergency evacuation, emergency service access, and local land use access.

This secondary access would respond to the previous 2005 congressional earmark for the Glenwood Springs South Bridge (new, off-system bridge), Public Law 109-59, 109th Congress.

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Status of the Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment (EA) for the South Bridge Project was released for public comment in October 2013. The EA evaluated two alternatives in detail: 1) No Action Alternative and 2) Alternative 10B (the Preferred Alternative). In response to concerns regarding preservation of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority (RFTA) corridor for future rail operations, the design of the Preferred Alternative was revisited and modified to include a new interchange with State Highway 82.

Modified Preferred Alternative:

Next Steps

FHWA will issue a separate Decision Document, completing the EA process. The document will include responses to comments received on the EA.

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